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Safaris De Moçambique operates Big Game Hunting safaris  along the Southern bank of Lake Cahora Bassa.


This unique and unspoiled wilderness is home to rich and diverse communities of untouched flora and fauna and continues to provide unforgettable opportunities for the modern sport-hunter, and above all, the ultimate African experience.



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Tete Province, Mozambique 

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Rob Oostindien

Rob was born and raised in Zimbabwe in 1968, he went to boarding school and grew up hunting and practicing falconry in the school holidays. He graduated from High School in 1985 and began his apprenticeship at age 17 in South Eastern Zimbabwe. Obtaining his Full PH license in 1989 Rob left the Lowveld to follow his dream of hunting in the Zambezi Valley. After hunting in Chewore North for 2 years Rob joined Simon Rodger in Chewore South in 1991and has been with Simon ever since hunting throughout Zimbabwe, and now in Mozambique.

Bryn Jollife

Bryn was born in Zambia in 1962 and moved to Zimbabwe in 1968 with his parents. Thanks to his father who was a biology teacher he has always had an interest in wildlife since a young age. Bryn trained as a taxidermist when he left school in Zimbabwe. His desires to be in the bush lead him in to guiding photographic safaris in Hwange National Park. He completed his professional Guides Licence in 1989 in Zimbabwe and then his Hunters licence in 1992 and has been hunting professionally in Zimbabwe and Mozambique since then. He has been with Safaris De Mozambique for the last 10 years. Bryn has a vast knowledge of Africa's wildlife,  of all the birds, trees and grasses, and is also an avid fisherman.