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Safaris De Moçambique operates Big Game Hunting safaris  along the Southern bank of Lake Cahora Bassa.


This unique and unspoiled wilderness is home to rich and diverse communities of untouched flora and fauna and continues to provide unforgettable opportunities for the modern sport-hunter, and above all, the ultimate African experience.



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Tete Province, Mozambique 

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Hunting Safaris 

Mozambique offers one of the last frontiers of the genuine big game safari. It is a place where wildlife has never known fences or the capture boma.

Here the most discerning sport hunter can relive the experiences, unchanged by time, of the earliest adventures who roamed and hunted these wild places—men such as Major. P.J Pretorius, Harry Manners, Baron Werner Van Alvensleben and Wally Johnson.

A former Portuguese colony, Mozambique is a vast land of 787 000 square kilometers situated on the eastern coast of Southern Africa. The country was once ravaged by civil strife and war, but is now at peace with itself and its neighbours as it strives to rise up from the ashes of poverty. It is a country of unimaginable grandeur and beauty, from the warm Indian ocean that washes 1 500 km of its shoreline to the rugged mountains and sweeping bushveld of the hinterland.Situated in western Mozambique, our hunting concession spans nearly one million acres and is comprised of typical Zambezi valley ecosystems, in which occurs an abundance and diversity of flora and fauna. The area supports very healthy populations of elephant and buffalo and diverse spread of plains game, including eland, sable and roan antelope. The extensive northern lake boundary is home to large numbers of hippo and crocodile, and offers magnificent bird hunting opportunities.