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Safaris De Moçambique operates Big Game Hunting safaris  along the Southern bank of Lake Cahora Bassa.


This unique and unspoiled wilderness is home to rich and diverse communities of untouched flora and fauna and continues to provide unforgettable opportunities for the modern sport-hunter, and above all, the ultimate African experience.



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Tete Province, Mozambique 

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The Zambezi and Lake Cahora Bassa in Mozambique offers some of the finest Tiger fishing in Southern Africa. Here the keen sport fisherman can put his skills to the test.

Many different species apart from Tiger Fish are prevalent, including a variety of tilapia species, Barbel, the massive Vundu (up to 40kg), Bottle Nose, Cornish Jack, and many other smaller fish.

Fishermen have left this sanctuary with tales of huge fish. But at the end of the day, what they desperately long to return for is the wildlife, the atmosphere,  the laughs and  the ice cold beer on the river while watching a sunset which is truly Africa at its finest.