About Us

Safaris De Moçambique operates Big Game Hunting safaris  along the Southern bank of Lake Cahora Bassa.


This unique and unspoiled wilderness is home to rich and diverse communities of untouched flora and fauna and continues to provide unforgettable opportunities for the modern sport-hunter, and above all, the ultimate African experience.



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Tete Province, Mozambique 

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Anti - Poaching 

Revenue generated from the Hunting safaris is the sole source of funding for the resources we require to mantain the game populations, and the Ecological well-being of the concession.

We are constantly trying to put more boots on the ground, acquire better equipment and source better training for our Anti-Poaching unit. We are privileged to be the custodians of  one of the most amazing wildlife areas in the country, and we want to keep it that way.


With close to 1 Million acres of land, this is no easy task. Finding an elephant poacher requires manpower, fuel and perseverence.

We need all the help we can get 


A donation to our Anti-poaching efforts is the most meaningful contribution that you can make. Every cent goes to the everyday costs of running this operation. Here are some examples of what your money can do:


$50        -A ranger's food for 1 month. 


$90        -A new pair of good quality Patrol boots

$100      -Pays a villager who can give information about an elephant poacher 


$150      -A new uniform for a ranger


$500      -Pays the fuel cost of transporting a unit on a 2 week operation. 

$1000    -Enables us to equip a ranger with a radio / tracking device /satellite phone


$2500    -Provides essential Field equipment: backpack, binoculars, medical aid kit, handcuffs, GPS, camera and headlamp for a ranger.